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BLUSH - With a sense of freedom and exploration that comes with the warmer months, garden notes of bamboo, fresh cut grass, and stimulating copaiba balsam will make you feel barefooted, and ready for anything. 

BRONZE - The richest of scents and popular with men and women. Our sugarcane leather turns your living space into a night market or a smoky den on a side street in havana. The subtle sweetness of sugarcane blended with birch, cedar and vetiver create this warm leathery scent.

DARK GREENA cool ocean water with luscious green undertones, the perfect blend of land and sea. Juniper evokes an outdoor earthiness, while mint and seaweed offer an invigorating airiness with rich texture.

FOREST GREENOur new green will have you in a daze with its hypnotic smokey notes of swedish pine and vetiver, balanced by the light floral scent of violet. The trio is reminiscent of a perfect fall bonfire. 

TAUPEThis is the most nostalgic of all the scents. A classic rose layered with woody notes make this a less feminine version of your grandmother’s favorite fragrance.

WARM GREY - Icelandic starry nights inspired this rare mix of mineral, muguet and salt water. The combination is invigorating and airy, like being outdoors on a cool crisp night.